I help professionals recharge their careers.
Brian Photo One thing we professionals all have in common: we care about our careers.

If something is missing in our career, the void can affect all parts of our lives.

Professionals constantly have questions about their careers.
Those who have been experiencing recent success are asking "What's next?"

Those undergoing career changes are asking "What now?"

Those suffering career chaos are asking "What else?"

Those imagining their career dream are asking "What if?"

I help professionals find their own best answers to questions like these.

Professional workplaces have become increasingly disruptive environments.
Companies are dealing with the impact of global financial crises on their profitability.

Employees find themselves in the midst of organizational upheaval.

Ex Patriots have been sent to remote parts of the globe, far away from their homes and families.

Contractors who work month to month have no career support at work.

Professionals are finding their disruptive environment is causing stress and chaos in their professional and personal lives.
The solution may feel elusive, but is easy to state:

Re-engineer your work environment (either your current role or a new one) so you are living your strengths and loving your role each day.

If it's easy, why haven't you solved it?
The disruptive nature of your work environment may have you believing there is no hope!

You need to set negative beliefs aside and focus on what you love to do. You need to let yourself be the best you can be!

Here are some results people have achieved when working with me.
M's problem: "My team had been cut in half and my new boss thought I could increase my output, as if nothing had happened."

the outcome: M renegotiated a more focussed role with his new boss that is a perfect fit for his strengths and goals.

W's problem: "I loved my role but hated my boss. But I'll never find another paycheck like this."

the outcome: W found a career option that didn't include an abusive boss.

D's problem: "Here we go again. I'm away from my home and family for months. I'm so sick of cleaning up someone else's mess, but we need my paycheck."

the outcome: D redefined his contract role to one he loves and has mastered.

C's problem: "I know I have so much more to contribute, but my boss said I have no potential for management, and I have no idea why. I feel trapped."

the outcome: C was promoted twice in 5 years and her former boss now works for her.

B's problem: "I've just gotten my dream job and now have to deliver. There is no one to talk to without coming across as weak and unqualified."

the outcome: B aced his first performance assessment.

Are you ready for a result like one of these in your career?
My passion is helping professionals recharge their careers. I love helping them discover their own unique strengths and talents. I especially love showing them how their strengths are engaged when they are being the best they can be.

Do you dream of loving what you do and being the best you can be?

If you have career questions like "What next?", "What now?", "What else?", or "What if?" then here's what to do.

Step 1: Discover Your Strengths.
Take the Strengthsfinder instrument to discover and learn about your strengths.

I guarantee you will love this experience.

Step 2: Learn how your strengths let you be the best you can be.
Email me with your Strengthsfinder results.

I'll send you some valuable information and exercises based on your strengths.

When you send me the results of the exercises, we'll schedule a convenient time to connect on the phone.

You will learn a strategy that is unique to you, customized to your top strengths, that will recharge your career and have you being the best you can be.

I guarantee you will be amazed at the value you get from speaking with me about your strengths.

Step 3: Make your career goals come true.
So far, this process has cost less than one hour and less than $20.

For some professionals, the discovery and discussion steps deliver the career answers they crave.

For others, we'll discuss further steps that build on this value.

The time for action is now!
Take the Strengthsfinder instrument to get started on your discovery journey.

Steps 1 and 2 are complimentary and I guarantee you'll be amazed at the value you receive.

If you have any questions, please call me at 905-702-1420 or email me at brian@blclark.com.

Here's what others have said about working with me as their coach:
"Brian is a great coach with an exceptional ability for diagnosing and fixing problems, a keen insight into what makes people tick, and a capacity for empathetic listening. He helped me clarify my goals, understand my strengths, and create a career plan that is attainable and within my control. If you want to clarify your objectives and get them aligned with your strengths, I recommend you work with Brian. You'll learn something about yourself and come out of the experience with a plan that's perfect for you."
Richard Orgias, Atlanta, USA

"Working with Brian, I felt both safe and challenged to dig deeply to connect the mix of strengths that are uniquely mine, and to see how they can be of benefit to others. After working with Brian, a business related idea came to me that was in complete alignment with my strengths and values. The idea is now a reality."
Ellen Kozub, TheFirstMove.net, Arizona, USA.